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Whether your home or business has experienced a fire due to natural disasters or an accident, Dry Core Restoration is here to help give you one less thing to worry about in the wake of fire and smoke damage. Serving home and business owners throughout Chicagoland, St. Louis, greater Phoenix, San Antonio, and Panama City.

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For home and business owners, there are few things more stressful and painful than a property fire. Even once the flames have receded, smoke and acidic soot can continue to damage your property. The damage can be truly catastrophic, and it can be hard to know where to begin the recovery process.

Did you know? The damage your property experiences during a fire isn’t limited to the flames themselves.

Your home or commercial property is made of all kinds of building materials, which contain chemicals that may become dangerous. A fire can release these chemicals into your property, leading to serious health and safety hazards. It goes without saying that fires also leave behind lots of smoke, which presents serious dangers to you, your family, your employees, and your tenants if it is inhaled. Since its particles will stick to walls and other surfaces, smoke is incredibly difficult to get out of your indoor air. It’s best to let a professional handle any damage left behind from fire and smoke damage incidents. That’s where Dry Core Restoration comes in.

We provide round-the-clock services and fast response times, so you can be sure that we’ll always be there right when you need us. To begin, we’ll perform a thorough assessment of your property to determine the best approach. We may need to turn off your water and electrical systems in order to prevent future damage. Then, we’ll remove the damaged structures and any items that can’t be salvaged. For items that can be salvaged, we will do our best to restore them. We’ll clean up the leftover smoke and eliminate smoke odor, then clear away ash, soot, and dust.

As a full-service restoration company, Dry Core Restoration is able to provide a wide range of services that may be helpful in the wake of a fire. If your home experienced water damage – for example, while the fire department was putting out the fire or due to damaged plumbing fixtures – we will include our unbeatable water damage restoration services in the recovery process. We also deliver industry-leading air duct cleaning services to help clear out smoke and soot from your HVAC system and ensure that your indoor air quality is healthy when you return home. To learn more, please visit our water damage and air duct cleaning pages.

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We also provide restoration services, as well as sewage disaster cleanup services. For more information, please visit our water and flood damage restoration page.

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