Mold Testing and Inspection

Professional Mold Testing & Inspection

Eliminating the toxic mold in your home is an urgent task, as mold growth can harm both your property and your health. While mold removal is usually our first course of action, there are some cases where we need to find out more about the specific situation in your home or business before moving forward.

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Unmatched mold testing and inspection services

Dry Core Restoration offers unmatched mold testing and inspection services that will help keep your property healthy and safe.

Sometimes, you’re not able to see the mold growth in your home, but you can feel that it’s there. You may have mold on your property if you notice:

  • Musty odors
  • Allergy symptoms
  • Increased condensation and humidity around your property
  • Dark spots on your walls and floors

Whenever those issues arise, call on Dry Core Restoration.

We will inspect your home to determine whether there’s mold on your property, as well as what conditions in your home might be causing it. Our inspector will look inside the walls and hard-to-reach areas to get the full picture. We use powerful equipment, including infrared technology and moisture meters. Once we’ve determined the issue, we’ll help you decide which steps to take next.

On rare occasions, mold testing might be the best place to start. So, why might you need to test for mold? If you already know that mold is present on your property, you might be interested in knowing what type of mold it is. Many molds are nontoxic, meaning it’s not necessary to remove them. You may also like to know how dense the mold spores are in your area. Depending on the questions you’d like to have answered, we offer two kinds of mold testing:

  • Air testing checks the levels of mold outside of your property against the levels of mold inside your property. If the indoor levels are higher, you might have a mold problem warranting inspection and removal.
  • Sampling involves swabbing the mold in your home or lifting it with tape, then sending it to a lab for further analysis. In some cases, we may need to remove the surface altogether.
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We also provide restoration services, as well as sewage disaster cleanup services. For more information, please visit our water and flood damage restoration page.

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