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Mold does a lot more than damage your property and leave unpleasant odors in the air – it can also make you very sick. There are over 100,000 different types of mold, many of which are toxic and may cause allergic reactions.

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We use industry-leading equipment and products

With Dry Core Restoration on your side, there’s no need to suffer the adverse effects of mold. We provide thorough mold removal services that will clear up the mold on your property and prevent it from returning.

In order to eliminate the risk of mold-related illnesses at your property, the mold must be removed completely. Although it’s nearly impossible to remove 100% of the mold spores from your property, we use industry-leading equipment and products to remove the majority of it and make your space safe again. To begin, we eliminate any sources of moisture that may be causing the mold to grow, which cuts the problem off at the root. If you’re experiencing mold growth due to a water damage event, we invite you to learn more about our water and flood damage remediation services.

Once we’ve addressed the moisture, we then physically remove the mold from the contaminated area. It’s not enough to kill it with bleach or other disinfectants. We’ll evaluate your space to determine the best method of removal, which may include wet vacuums, other powerful equipment or removal of contaminated materials. We will then clean, sanitize, and dry out the space.

Interested in learning more about mold? Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions.

What does mold need in order to grow?

Mold is a living organism and has the same needs as we do: nutrients, water, air, and proper temperatures. Oftentimes, mold is able to find all of those things in damp wood. In environments with high humidity, uncleaned metal surfaces can serve the same purpose. Even if you remove them, mold can remain dormant and wait until the right conditions present themselves. In order to prevent future mold growth, all removal services must be followed up with the right treatment and cleaning. We are dedicated to providing the best service with the best equipment, to make sure everyone, including your home, is taken care of.

How does mold get onto my property?

Mold grows from spores, which are not visible to the naked eye. Spores can get into your property on your clothing, your hair, and even through the wind. Having open doors, windows, vents, and even heating and air conditioning can result in their arrival. Once they’re in your home, they may find their way into your vent system and circulate through your indoor air. Mold thrives anywhere that provides sufficient moisture or humidity. (Looking for indoor air quality services? Visit our air duct cleaning page!)

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We also provide restoration services, as well as sewage disaster cleanup services. For more information, please visit our water and flood damage restoration page.

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How much mold exposure is harmful to my health?

Truthfully, it varies by person. If you have mold allergies or chronic respiratory illnesses, mold can be particularly harmful. Infants are also highly susceptible to mold exposure. It’s also possible that the mold in your home is nontoxic and won’t make you sick. Any mold that is making your family, employees, and tenants feel unwell should be removed immediately. If you think there may be mold in your home, we recommend mold inspection or testing to determine the next steps.

Can mold exposure cause brain damage or death?

For now, there’s not enough information to determine whether or not mold causes brain damage or death. To be on the safe side, be sure to have any mold in your home addressed by a professional as soon as you notice it.

Can you remove 100% of the mold from my home or office?

Because the outside air has lots of mold spores floating around in it, it’s nearly impossible to remove 100% of the mold from your home. If you work in an environment – for example, a healthcare facility – where full mold removal is needed, there are special services for that. For most homes and businesses, however, it’s perfectly safe to keep mold levels low. After your mold removal services, we recommend looking into moisture control and air purification to help keep your property free of toxic mold.

What should I use to get rid of mold?

Since your goal is not to kill the mold but to remove and dispose of it, we recommend using soap and water. The EPA and CDC discourage the use of bleach for routine mold removal, as it may cause additional allergic reactions.